Now what do you do with them: a holiday photo card book

By now you know that I LOVE holiday cards and I've thoroughly enjoyed every card that I received this year. Thanks to those that included my family on your list, as well as those that gave me the honor of creating yours. Some of you were super fun and creative (you know who you are...LOVED that!) and one of you wrote a note on yours that I will keep forever, that said I helped to inspire you. You made my day!

So now what?!? Mine will stay up well into January, but then what do you do with them? I have friends that have been putting their holiday cards in albums for years, which is so much fun to look at, especially around the holidays. I have never been that organized...always wanted to for years I have bundled mine up and put them (don't judge me...because this is the WORST place to keep photos and I highly DON'T recommend it) in a ziploc bag labeled with the year. But this year...I'm taking action.

Now this is not an archival method for saving photos, and if you want that, I highly recommend an album (I can hook you up), but it's fun and I KNOW my family will enjoy these for years! I'm emptying my ziplocs and turning the photo cards into books. Starting with 2013, I used some old cardstock I had laying around for the cover, punched 2 holes in each card and found 2 metal rings. I put our family card on the front, our close family members next, then alphabetized the rest (ok, that's the Type A in me).

My plan is to store these (in a photo safe box) with our holiday decorations, so each year, we can take them out for the season and look back at how young we all looked. Super easy and quick, but super meaningful!

Happy New Year Everyone!