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Capture Your Photos, based in Minnesota, delivers photo organizing services to families and small businesses.

We help you organize, preserve and share a lifetime of memories. We believe that photos and memories build relationships and we can’t wait to help you share and preserve yours. The services we offer are designed to bring you peace of mind and bring your photos and memories back into the light.



  How Can We Help You?


At Capture Your Photos, we provide full-service memory preservation. Have you inherited or accumulated boxes of photos and memorabilia and just don’t know where to start? Do you have digital photos on multiple devices? Imagine having a collection of photos and videos sorted, scanned, organized, backed up and tagged with meaningful keywords that you can easily access to share and enjoy. This is what we do.

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We help people get their digital and printed photos organized, and processes set-up for them to stay that way. We provide in-home and remote organizing services to both PC and Mac clients. At CYP, our goal is to move you forward so you can have peace of mind knowing your memories are safe, while helping you to rediscover the joy your memories can bring.


Scan & Preserve

Preserving your memories is our greatest pleasure. Digitizing them for the next generation is not only smart, but it is a gift to your family. We provide premium scanning services for photos, albums and slides, as well as transfer old media, such as videotapes and film reels for full-service organizing customers. All scanning is done locally.



We LOVE telling your stories and helping you share your memories. At CYP, we provide premium album design and printing services, create meaningful and creative slideshows, and design photo displays for your home and special events that become keepsakes for life. We also deliver creative solutions for sharing your digital photos, such as online photo galleries.

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Meet Holly

certified professional photo organizer

Thank you for visiting Capture Your Photos. We are SO glad you’re here.

How we take and share photos is completely different today than it was only 10 years ago. We’ve gone from taking a photo to capture a moment, to using photos to communicate our lives. The result…people are completely overwhelmed with the number of photos they have, as well as the ever-changing technology. In addition, those old albums, printed photos, and boxes of memorabilia need some love. They’re getting crispy and faded and need to be preserved if we want to tell our family stories.

Our goal at Capture Your Photos is to help you breathe easier. We want to provide services that replace that feeling of being overwhelmed with the joy of reliving those beautiful moments. We also want to help you preserve the past in a way that future generations will love and embrace your stories.

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