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We LOVE telling your stories and helping you share your beautiful memories, and there are so many interesting and fun ways to do it! At Capture Your Photos, we provide premium service and high quality products in our delivery of albums, slideshows and keepsake products.

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Premium Album Design & Printing

Telling your stories is one of our favorite things to do. You provide the photos and memorabilia and we will design a beautiful, custom album that will make you and your loved one smile, laugh and maybe even cry (with joy of course!).

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Here are just some of the albums that we have designed for our clients:

  • journey of a loved one's life - both kids growing up and people in the twilight of their life

  • family history

  • travel - including organized group travel

  • graduation

  • sports team, school activity or event

  • milestone birthday or anniversary

  • milestone events such as weddings, babies and retirement

  • faith

  • family and class reunions

  • coffee table book with your favorite photos

  • portfolios for business


CYP exclusive albums

Capture Your Photos specializes in telling your story. We custom design each album exclusively for you. Our Story of Us album tells your family story, and our Life is a Journey album tells the story of a loved one. Don't know where to start? Don't worry. We got this.

Your story is important and we can't wait to help you tell it.

Story of Us

The Story of Us is a memory book designed to capture a snapshot of your family in photos and memories. Each Story of Us album is customized for your family. You provide the pictures and the memories and we compile that information into a beautiful album that will be a family keepsake now and for future generations.


Life is a Journey Album

The Life is a Journey Album is a perfect way to tell a loved one's story, from a kid of any age (great for a graduate), to mom or dad's story (perfect for someone in the twilight of life). In the "kid" version, you may want to share words of love and advice. In the "adult" version, it is meaningful to include important milestones (e.g. where they grew up, when they got married, job information, children, etc.) and special memories.

For more information about the type of photos and memories you may want to collect for the Story of Us album or the Life is a Journey album, call us! We have a guide to help you.



We talk about your project, discussing options and recommendations. You provide us with the photos either digitally or printed and any memorabilia you want to include (organization and scanning services available).  We custom design a beautiful album.  You review and provide edits.  We print the album using a professional, high quality printer. 

Pricing is based on the cost to organize and design the album, as well as the cost to print the album. The cost to organize and design the album is estimated based on the number of photos/memorabilia items, the number of pages and whether or not scanning is needed. The cost of printing varies based on the quality of the album (e.g. cover and paper) and the size of the book.  

Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you, with the ultimate goal of creating a beautiful keepsake that you and your loved one will cherish for a lifetime.



In our increasingly digital world, we love sharing our photos using our screens, including tvs, computers, phones and tablets. Photo slideshows are a fun and meaningful way to share, preserve and celebrate our family and friends, present and past. Our goal is to not only provide you with a digital set of photos, but a keepsake that captures and touches your heart.

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We would love to help you create a slideshow to share moments and milestones such as:

  • birthdays

  • graduations

  • weddings

  • anniversaries

  • retirements

  • trips

  • family legacy photos

  • memorials

  • sports teams

  • school groups



How It Works

You provide the photos, either in digital or printed form and we:

  • help you plan your slideshow to tell the story, including music and scanning printed photos as needed. Organizing services to help you select your photos are also available

  • custom design the slideshow, providing you with one opportunity to review/edit the slideshow

  • deliver your slideshow on a flashdrive in an mp4 digital format that can be watched on any type of screen. Ask me about extra special customized options for delivery.

The cost of a slideshow is $350 for up to 100 photos. $2 for each additional photo. Additional costs for music may apply (Capture Your Photos uses royalty free music and/or only uses music legally). We are also happy to scan your printed photos at an additional cost. Additional copies of the slideshow on a flashdrive are $25 each. Copies of your slideshow on a DVD are $30 each.

Introducing the 'mini'…a mini slideshow includes up to 40 pics and 1 song. Perfect for capturing an experience or celebrating a special event. Designed for easy sharing with family and friends, as well as sharing online. The 'mini' includes an mp4 version of the slideshow on a flashdrive and/or shared via an online site. The mini-slideshow is $199.

One more cool option for event slideshows...have your slideshow turned into a digital album after an event, adding photos taken during the celebration/event. 

Here are some guidelines for numbers of photos and the length of the slideshow:

  • 100 photos – 5-6 minutes (approx. 2 songs)

  • 150 photos – 8-10 minutes (3 songs)

  • 200 photos — 12-14 minutes (4-5 songs)

We will work 1-1 to determine the best way to get both digital and printed photos to us.


Online Photo Galleries

Photos are meant to be shared and when they are, they can do beautiful things to build relationships. We can help you create a private online photo gallery, customized just for you, to share your precious memories with the people far and near that matter most.

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We can create a private online photo gallery for you to share with family and/or friends wherever they are in the world. Online photo galleries are perfect for sharing large family collections that have been scanned and are ready for sharing. We provide secure, safe online options that protect your photos, while allowing people to view and download them at full resolution whenever and from wherever they are.


We meet and talk about your collection, finding the online tool that best fits your family's needs. We set it up. We share it. You build relationships.

You only have printed photos? No worries! We also provide scanning services.



Photo Displays and Keepsakes

Photos displayed in your home are one of life’s little pleasures. In this expanding world of digital options, we can help you find the perfect way to display that special photo or a group of them. We love to be creative and design truly thinking about the meaning behind the photo and the story it tells.

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Here are just SOME of the keepsakes and displays that we can create with your photos:

  • custom designed poster prints of all types and sizes

  • metal, canvas and wood prints of all size

  • collage prints

  • photo walls - let's be creative! think about themes...from kids growing up to vacations to favorite cabin photos

        ...and so much more!

Need a photo display or gift for a graduation, wedding, retirement, birthday, anniversary, celebration of life or a business/non-profit event? We've got smart solutions that can be used not just for the event, but can become keepsakes for life.



CYP Exclusive gallery prints

You provide 9-12 digital pics or scans of something that is special to you, such as pics of a child's artwork, travel photos, photos of a collection or special family pics.

We design and print it.

For an additional fee, we'll do the snapping or scanning for you of the artwork, collection or photos. Price includes design and print.

16x20 - $64

20x30 - $74


We talk through the photo(s) you would like to showcase or share and together we come up with the best solution to fit your needs and desires.  We create it. You review and edit it.  We print it.


 Capture Your Photos delivers photo organizing services to families and small businesses. Start the process today by scheduling a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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