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We provide services that help you to preserve your printed photos, albums and old media.


Photo & Album Scanning Services

We provide premium scanning services, which includes attention to each individual image.

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All photos, albums, slides and memorabilia are scanned locally at a minimum of 600 dpi. Basic color correction and enhancement, and basic file renaming (e.g. SmithScan.jpg) are included. Additional editing and color adjustments, keywording to allow you to search on your photos, and album disassembling and reassembling can be requested as an additional service.

You will receive your original back, along with a .jpg file on a flash drive or via a cloud service. There is a $25 charge for flash drives on orders less than 200 scans.

Ask us about additional copies for family and friends, as well as slideshows, albums and prints. Additional copies on flashdrives are $25/copy. Need help sorting and organizing your collection prior to scanning? We can help!

Minimum charge of $25 for stand-alone scanning projects.


Old Media Transfers (Videotapes & Film Reels)

Imagine sitting around your favorite screen and reliving memories that you either haven’t seen in years or maybe have never seen. So powerful and so beautiful.

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Memory collections often include old media, such as old home movies on videotapes (e.g. VCR tapes, 8mm, etc.) or film reels. The problem...we no longer have the machines to view them on.

For our organizing clients and for clients with large old media collections, we will help you transfer those memories into a format that will allow you to enjoy them again and pass them along to future generations.

If you have only a few memories to transfer, you may want to consider another provider. If you would like to chat about whether Capture Your Photos is a good fit for your needs, please give us a call.

For pricing and additional product information, contact us.


 Capture Your Photos delivers photo organizing services to families and small businesses. Start the process today by scheduling a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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