We unapologetically love making our clients cry by providing services that not only touch their hearts, but reduce the anxiety people have about uncompleted projects and losing their memories to technology failures.



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Our services help you to organize, scan and preserve, as well as share your lifetime of memories.

Our clients love and value their photos, but are overwhelmed with the growing number of photos on their phones and devices, as well as the closets full of boxes they have accumulated or inherited. They are ready and excited to get started, and willing to invest in their memories.

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Getting started is the hardest part. We help clients get unstuck by first, creating a plan. From busy moms with digital photos all over the place, to parents that are looking to downsize and pass their collections on to their children, we can help. We organize both digital and printed photos, as well as memorabilia. We are bilingual, which means we speak both Mac and PC. We work with clients locally in the Twin Cities area, as well as remotely with clients throughout Minnesota and the United States.



In this digital world we live in, the best way to preserve your favorite memories is to digitize them. We provide premium scanning services, as well as transfer services for old media. It’s not uncommon for people to say to us…’our kids don’t want our pictures’. When we probe further, we find that it’s not the memories they don’t want, but the bulk of old albums and messy boxes of photos. Digitizing your printed photos is a gift to your children and a meaningful way to pass on your family’s story.



Photos are beautiful individually, but put them together in a way that tells a story...MAGICAL! We specialize in helping people tell stories with their photos, whether it is the story of a parent’s legacy, a high school graduate, a trip of a lifetime or a wall of family memories. We help you create albums, slideshows, and displays not only for the event but as keepsakes for life. We also deliver creative, customized solutions for sharing your digital photos, such as online photo galleries for families to share grandpa and grandma’s collection, and wifi enabled digital photo frames.


 Capture Your Photos delivers photo organizing services to families and small businesses. Start the process today by scheduling a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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