Capture Your Photos partners with a number of quality photo product suppliers to help you ORGANIZE, PRESERVE and SHARE your photo and video collections. We also love to share what we know. For more information about CYP speaking at your event, please contact us.



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Products and Partners:

There are a ton of choices out there for photo product providers and we get asked a lot about which ones we recommend. Here are a few that we love. Full disclosure…for some of these, we are affiliates and may get a small fee for referring you, but we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it.

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Backblaze provides unlimited cloud storage backup for your Mac or PC. It is designed for people that want a no fuss way to keep their data, photos and files safe at a reasonable cost. It automatically and continuously backs up everything on your computer except your operating system, applications and temporary files. For more information or to subscribe, go here and read more about it.  


Pictli takes your digital photo from your computer, phone, Facebook or Instagram, puts it in a beautiful, affordable and ethically sourced frame, wraps it with a customized note and sends it to your special someone (friend, loved one, teacher, or maybe a gift to yourself). Gift giving has never been this easy or this awesome. Click here or the Pictli logo and receive 10% off your purchase. SO affordable and SO impactful!


This ain’t your mama’s old digital frame! Nixplay digital frames help families stay connected, privately, wherever they may be. They are wifi enabled allowing you to send pics via your phone directly to a digital frame at mom’s house. Contact us for more information.


 Capture Your Photos delivers photo organizing services to families and small businesses. Start the process today by scheduling a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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