We help you get your digital and printed photos organized, and processes set-up for them to stay that way!



  • Gather digital photos from all of your devices and consolidate them into an organized, safe place that is backed up. We’re bi-lingual, we speak both PC and Mac

  • Get printed photos out of your basement, drawers, and clear plastic boxes sorted, and into photo-safe locations; and,

  • Sort memorabilia and provide safe and creative solutions for preservation and sharing

    We provide in-home and remote organizing services. 


Your Digital Photos

Imagine a world where all of your photos are in one central hub, sorted and tagged with meaningful keywords that you can search on…AND they are backed up safe and sound.

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  • gather your digital photos from all the places including your computers, phones, external hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, tablets, cd/dvds, etc.; 

  • consolidate and organize them into a central hub so they are easy to find and share;

  • deduplicate them...because most of our collections need that;

  • set up a plan to help you maintain an organized collection that you can manage yourself or have us manage for you. 

  • set up a backup system to ensure that your memories aren't lost due to technology or human fails.


Your Printed Photos and Albums

What if all of those boxes of old photos and memorabilia that you have accumulated or inherited were sorted, preserved and ready to share and enjoy?

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Once you've gathered those boxes full of printed photos, memorabilia, albums and old framed photos, you get to decide.


  • Take those boxes off your hands and do an initial sort through them so you don’t have to;

  • Provide you with an experienced photo organizer that will work side by side to help you stay focused and accomplish your goals; or,

  • Teach you a sorting process to sort through them on your own and help you stay accountable.

From there, we offer options for scanning, preserving and sharing your favorite printed photos so the important ones can be preserved for a lifetime.


We start with a 15 minute phone consultation to get to know each other. We talk about your memories, the process we use to organize your photos, and your goals.

From there, we schedule our first half-day session. In the first session, we develop a customized plan that considers all parts of your collection. Then we dive in, starting with your highest priority. After that first session, you will receive a written plan for organizing your lifetime of memories. The number of sessions your project will require depends on the size and complexity of your collection.

Once your digital photos are organized and your favorite printed photos are digitized and incorporated into your digital collection, we would love to help you find the right solution for sharing your memories, whether it is a family album, a slide show, or creating a private online photo gallery to be both a backup and a sharing tool for your family, business or group.   


 Capture Your Photos delivers photo organizing services to families and small businesses. Start the process today by scheduling a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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