Doing things differently: taking action

Junior in college, Senior in high school and a 6th grader...

This one just left for Rome to study abroad

This one just left for Rome to study abroad

This one is looking at colleges

This one is looking at colleges

This is one is just praying she'll be able to get her locker open

This is one is just praying she'll be able to get her locker open

I have been consumed this past month with these beauties and a bunch of other great stuff. But by Tuesday of this coming week, it all changes. Thank goodness! While I'm not jumping for joy that summer is over, I'm a little glad to get back into a routine. It's good for me in all parts of my home (crumb free counters for at least 5 hours of the day), my business (uninterrupted work time...a blessing) and my emotional state (less guilt...trying to do and be everything to everyone at all hours of the day).

I love change. It fuels me and disrupts my brain enough to help me reevaluate what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. I've reached a milestone in my business where I've figured out that paying someone to do some of the administrative things I really dislike makes me more productive and frees me up to do the things I really love.

It's so simple, but so not.

It was not easy to get all of my financial stuff in a place to be able to have someone else do it, but the relief at having it done right vs. me having to figure it out myself...priceless.

I think about my clients and their photos. People are typically spurred into action for 2 reasons:

1. An event is coming or just happened (e.g. milestone anniversary, birthday, reunion, wedding, death, etc.); or,

2. They are over it. They are SO done trying to figure it out on their own and often a little panicked that they are going to lose their memories to a computer or phone crash.

For me and my administrative tasks, it was #2, that overwhelmed feeling. I was ready.

There is a scary study conducted by Everpresent that revealed that 82% of families are not confident all their digital photos and videos are backed up. That's a lot of memories at risk.

Where are you at with the beauties in your life? If your memories are at risk, are you ready to do things differently? September is 'SAVE YOUR PHOTOS' month. It's a time set aside for you to educate yourself and create a plan. If you, too, are ready, check this out:

And I'm here for you. Good luck with the seasonal changes in your life!