Try this...a magical mini slideshow

Have you ever seen your life laid out in front you?

Often when a client comes to me, she/he has a mix of printed pics, digital pics, some videos and maybe some memorabilia that she/he wants to preserve. Most often, those pics span many decades. One of my favorite things to do is to use that collection to tell that person’s story in pictures.

When it comes to most picture projects, most of us tend to overthink it. We agonize over which pictures to choose, whether we should create an album, a slideshow or maybe a display, and generally how to put it together.

But here’s the secret…it doesn’t matter. You can’t do this wrong.

Try this…

  1. Choose a person you want to honor

  2. Select 20 pictures (or whatever number you want…it doesn’t matter, but DON'T overthink it!) of that person starting from as young as you can find to the present. We often take pics at different milestones in our lives, choose those (e.g. baby, toddler, Baptism/First Communion Confirmation, first day of school, birthdays, holidays, school activities, family pictures, close friends, graduation, wedding, vacation, birth of children, anniversary celebrations, etc., etc.). These types of pics, at just a glance, tell a story. Side note: you may have to scan some of these memories!

  3. Give yourself exactly 1 minute to decide if your person would most appreciate an album, a slideshow or a display.

  4. Create it. Go online to your favorite digital keepsake provider or call your favorite photo organizer and make it happen.

Do you know who this would be great for?

  • Graduates

  • Moms for Mothers Day

  • Dads for Fathers Day

  • Grandmas and Grandpas for any day

  • Kids of any age, Brothers, Sisters, Friends, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins…

You get the point. This is a gift that would touch anyone’s heart and maybe even bring some tears. Ya know what else…it also helps to preserve those memories.

Seeing your life laid out in front of you is magical. Go touch some hearts.

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