Gallery Prints...Meaningful, Lovely, Magical

smaller version gallery print.jpg

I love Gallery Prints. I love taking my favorite pics in whatever subject I want, grouping them together, and hanging them on my wall. There is nothing fancy about this, but put together in a meaningful way, they are lovely and magical. 

If you follow my blog or my Facebook page, you know that my husband and I took a trip in October to Italy and Greece to visit our oldest daughter who is studying there. This print combines all of the things I loved most about this trip. It’s simple, but it makes me so happy to look at.

I knew I loved it, but honestly, I fall in love with most of my projects, whether they are mine or my clients. What made it special was other’s reactions. When I brought it home a few days ago, I put it in a frame and left it in our living room leaning up against the wall. When my husband came home from work after it had been there a few days, out of nowhere he commented again on how much he liked it. Now I don’t want to say that my husband doesn’t notice things (insert throat clearing), but even after a few days, he continues to notice this. The other day my neighbor came over. She asked me where I was going to put it. I told her either in my bedroom or maybe in the basement family room. Her comment: “you can’t put it in your bedroom”. I interpreted that as it should be somewhere it can be seen.

This print is amazing…

  • not because of my fabulous photo taking skills (wink, wink)

  • not because the photos were taken in a super cool place (even if they were)

  • not because it is in a gorgeous, expensive frame (shhhh…it’s in a fairly inexpensive frame that I recycled)

…but because the pictures, grouped together, are meaningful. They are filled with memories that get to be relived every time we look at it.

Surround yourself with things that make you happy. 

Gallery prints can be made with photos of children’s artwork (see a sample here), places you’ve visited, old family photos…the list is endless. It’s the season of giving. What photos, when put together, would be meaningful to your loved ones?

As always, I’m here to help.