What are your fire starters?

What motivates you to get a photo project started? Coming off of vacation, I have about 683 projects I would like to complete with the pics I took. I recognize I'm a little photo crazy, but I don't think our motivations are all that different. Here are some of the things that motivate me to get going on a photo or video project. I call them my 'fire starters':

EVENTS: In addition to the warmer temps, Spring also brings lots and lots of events. First up is Mother's Day, but you might also have a First Communion, a Confirmation, a Graduation, oh and then there's Dad's Day. In our immediate family we have 5 spring birthdays. It's party time. Often, these events give us the deadlines we need to kick us into gear. Over the next month, keep an eye on this blog, as well as the CYP Facebook page for practical ideas and inspiration to help move you forward.

PEOPLE: People do funny things for the camera. My favorite pics are the ones that people don't know I'm taking. DON'T let those gems sit on your phones or in your computer. Share them, display them or put them in an album if for no other reason than to make you smile.

FUNNY THINGS: I love this pic of my Mom hanging over the Grand Canyon. I know that my step dad was holding on tight! Notice how he is leaning backward. There are many great captions we could tag this with. Any ideas? This is so going somewhere.

NATURE: Raise your hand if you DON'T have a nature pic on your phone. Inspiration from nature is everywhere. I have a display going down my stairs of cool nature pics we've taken on vacations over many years. I'm already thinking about the beautiful spreads in a photo book that my Grand Canyon pics are going to get.

PICS THAT SCREAM MEMORIES: Our phone cameras make capturing interesting moments so easy. This picture of a cup with a straw, stuck in a paper towel, reminds me how crazy windy it was the day we were eating bbq on a patio in Jerome, AZ, trying to keep the flowers from the trees out of our drinks.

Pictures do that. They help us to remember big and little things. The best thing they do is move us. Our challenge is to move them!