This is me doing some goal setting for the upcoming year. Obviously I've dressed up for the occasion because goal setting is hard work...but 'tis the season. New year...new goals...a fresh start. Yikes!

As a photo organizer, you would think I wouldn't have to set goals for my photos. They should be in perfect order, right? Well...I feel good about my organization systems and my backups are solid, but guess what...I'm behind on my kid's albums, I still have videotapes that need to be converted and I have a list of display projects a mile long that I would love to do in my home, because every time I go into a new client's home, you all inspire me.

So here I am, writing down my goals. I heard this statistic the other day...'99% of the goals you write down get done.' Wow. I'm in.

How about you? If you could get that ONE photo project done, what would it be? Would it be organizing related like tackling your digital mess or that box of old family photos; a special album you've wanted for yourself or someone special; or, converting and preserving those old family movies?

It's time to write 'em down, friends! #photogoals, baby!

Wishing you the happiest of new years and #photogoals that help you celebrate life, tell stories and touch hearts!