'Organizing Forward' Part 1: What does it mean to ORGANIZE FORWARD?

Digital photography has done 2 things:

1. It has increased a zillion-fold (pretty sure that's a word) the number of pictures we all take.

2. It has become the #1 cause behind why everyone is so crazy overwhelmed with their photos. 

True or False...have you avoided getting your photos organized because it just seems too hard, too big of a project or because you don't know where to start?

If this is your challenge...my tip for you is to ORGANIZE FORWARD.

Instead of focusing on the mess of beautiful memories from your whole lifetime, set up a system going forward from today. Once you have accomplished this, you will feel so much more confident in going back.

In the month of January, I will be sharing my favorite tips and systems for ORGANIZING FORWARD, as well as tips for bringing those BACKWARD memories back into your life.