Life is not always fair...

Things happen that aren't fair...fires, floods, tornadoes, hard drive crashes.

As I'm writing this blog, I'm trying to figure out a way to write it so it doesn't sound like I'm using scare tactics to motivate you to protect your photos and videos. But here's the often takes a sense of urgency to get us going...and a (pending or real) disaster will do that.

Without pulling out the stats, I can tell you that for victims of natural disasters, as well as technical ones (loss of a hard drive might feel like a natural disaster), family photos are among the worst things to lose. Did you also know that VHS tapes, films, slides and albums have a shelf life?

Save Your Photos Day was created by the Save Your Photos Alliance, a group of people committed to being the world's premier organization for the SAFEGUARDING, RECOVERING, RESTORING, and REUNITING of photos and treasured memorabilia before and after disasters occur. SYPD is a day of education to help families prepare before something happens.

I'm hosting a SYPD  event Thursday, September 24, 6-9pm, and we are going to talk about how to protect your photos and videos. Get the details on the Monthly Focus page and watch for tips over the next week on things you can do to save your photos.