Scan baby, scan


It's here, it's here! After several months of weighing the pros and cons, I decided to go for it and invest in a beautiful high speed scanner. I'm giddy about having this awesome piece of photo technology at my fingertips.

I often get asked the question, "Should I scan my old photos?". My answer to that depends. Here are some reasons you might want to scan:

  • you want to ensure your photos are preserved. Print is one way to preserve them, but if something happens to the printed photo (fire, floods, moisture, etc.) having a digital copy ensures they are safe.

  • you want to share them with family members, such as mom and dad deciding it's time to pass on some of the family pictures to their grown children. Do you have old family heritage photos? Scanning gives you the opportunity to share those precious memories with many members of the family.

  • you want to create a digital album. Often times we have both digital and non-digital photos we want to include, like for a special event like a graduation, milestone anniversary, birthday, etc.

  • you have a need to divide photos, such as in the case of a divorce. There are many studies that link children, photos and higher self-esteem. Because we often fill our albums with pics of family and friends, they act as a visual reminder of all of the people who love them. Sometimes having those visual reminders handy helps during times of transition.

One final reason...sometimes it's just fun to have old pics at your on your phone, Ipad or computer because they make us smile!

Let's do some scanning!