What do you do again?

We are living in a crazy digital world.  We have our cameras on us at all times and you can't go 2 clicks without seeing a new shingle being hung "we print photo books!" or "free 8x8 photo book".  I could go on all day about the quality of some of these products and the tools they give us to create them in, but the truth is, some of them are pretty good (and some not so much).  And if you have the time and are a photo DIY kinda person...give 'em a try!  I have my favorites and am happy to share them with you, but my experience is that some of you (quite a few, actually) are too overwhelmed or don't have the time to tackle it...even if they give you a free book!

Have you ever used someone to help you clean your house? A personal trainer? A caterer? A lawyer?  In life, we often engage the services of professionals...

  • to do what we don't have time for,

  • to keep us on track,

  • because it is a special event, or

  • to provide the expertise that we don't have.

As a photo professional, my job is all of the above.  From organizing a big messy pile of family photos because you don't have time, to turning those photos into a beautiful album honoring your family memories.  This is my job and I love it.