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Achieving Digital Photo's all in the set up

Are you Mac or PC? iPhone, Android or flip phone?

With the answers to these questions, you can be on your way to organized digital photo bliss. These days most of us are taking the majority of our photos with our phones, so setting up a process to get them off your phone and into your digital hub will protect your memories, save you space on your device, save you time and ultimately give you peace of mind.

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Choose to sort "the box"

20 years ago I was a first time mom, wearing a hunter green jogging suit (nice, huh?!), listening to my mom talk about the really tough decisions that she and her sister had to make regarding where my grandma should live, the health care she should get and generally how they would balance it all. It was hard.

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"Your Storage is Full": managing your phone pics

I LOVE Summer. I love the warmth of the sun and thunderstorms. I love sitting on my front porch, drinking wine, chatting with my family and neighbors. I love water. I love my garden flowers and fresh vegetables from the local market. Because of all of this love (love=pictures, of course), my phone camera is exploding right now. I get the “Your Storage is Full” message pretty much daily.

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