Achieving Digital Photo's all in the set up

Are you Mac or PC? iPhone, Android or flip phone?

With the answers to these questions, you can be on your way to organized digital photo bliss.

These days most of us are taking the majority of our photos with our phones, so setting up a process to get them off your phone and into your digital hub will protect your memories, save you space on your device, save you time and ultimately give you peace of mind. Here’s the challenge. There are some solid photo organizing systems and apps out there, but just having them isn’t enough. If you get these 3 things set up and set up well, you can achieve digital photo bliss.

  1. Digital hub – ONE place where ALL of your photos live…I mean all!

  2. Wireless transfer of your Phone photos to your computer - In today’s world, no one should have to plug their phone into his/her computer to transfer photos…unless you have a flip phone

  3. Backup - Best practice is 3 copies, with one of them being offsite.

Here are a few ideas for set-up. This is by no means an all-inclusive list of apps and options. Just some ideas for the average Jane/Joe.

You’re all Apple…a Mac and an iPhone user


If you are an all Apple kinda gal/guy, it makes sense to go all in, which means taking advantage of the best thing Apple has going for it, which is full integration of all of its devices. This means that you may have to invest in a little extra iCloud storage, but consolidating all of your pics into a Photos Library on your Mac and setting up your iPhone to wirelessly transfer your phone photos to the Photos Library on your Mac…bliss. I also love Smart Albums in Mac Photos. Ask me what they can do for you some time.

  • Digital hub – lives on your Mac in a Photos Library

  • Wireless transfer for Phone photos – automatic through iCloud. Requires the right set up and probably purchasing some additional iCloud storage. How much depends on how many photos you have.

  • BackupCopy 1 - Mac hard drive. Copy 2 - Apple’s built in Time Machine backup on an external hard drive. Copy 3 - offsite cloud storage like Backblaze. iCloud is not technically a backup. Ask me why.

You’re an iPhone and a PC user


With this combo you have more things to consider, sometimes too many. No matter which option you choose for transferring your phone photos to your PC, the key to success is to make sure you are regularly pulling your photos into your digital hub and not letting them pile up in that transfer app. Having a process and actually using it is HUGE.

  • Digital hub – So many options for your PC. Windows has a built in Photos app which might be right for you if you mostly just store your photos and don’t do much with them. But I have to be honest, I don’t love it. It’s not great for organizing or viewing. I prefer to use photo organizing software that provides better organizational tools, keywording and editing support. Some options include Forever Historian and Adobe Bridge.

  • Wireless transfer for Phone photos – Again, we’ve got options such as Dropbox and iCloud for Windows, both good tools that will automatically upload your photos to your PC. Amazon Photos and Google Photos also offer automatic uploading, as well as some fun searching features, but buyer beware (especially if it’s free). I’m a huge believer in owning your photos and not relying on a 3rd party to keep your one and only copy of your precious memories safe. Amazon and Google Photos work as options for transferring your phone photos and viewing, but I don’t recommend them as your digital hub, which is the trap that many people fall into when they choose these options for their phone transfers. I can go into lots of stuff on the pros/cons of these 2 tools, but it’s likely it will cause your eyes to glaze over, so do me a favor and research these things before you sign on: space limitations, video limitations, photo compression/optimization, handling of metadata, privacy.

  • Backup Copy 1 - Hard drive of your computer. Copy 2 - an external hard drive. Copy 3 - a cloud storage company. Backblaze is my go to cloud storage, but there are others.

You’re an Android and a PC user


A lot of the same things apply here as with the iPhone and PC users.

  • Digital hub – See ‘You’re an iPhone user and a PC user’ above.

  • Wireless transfer for Phone photos – Dropbox is still a good option. Amazon Photos and Google Photos…same things apply as above, however, Android is driven by Google the same way that the iPhone iOS software is driven by Apple, so its set up is very Google friendly.

  • Backup – Same. 3 copies…1 offsite. If you use Google Photos and backup your entire digital hub to Google (or Amazon Photos), this could act as your cloud backup…however, please read the small print.

You’re an Android user and a Mac user…What, huh? There are like 2 of you in the world. Just call me.

No matter the options you choose, if you are set up well, it will change your photo life. It will also save you time, so much energy, and give you peace of mind. Pure photo bliss.

Need help gettin’ it done? I got ya!