Here's how it works: hiring a photo organizer

As a professional photo organizer, one question I get asked over and over is "How can you organize OTHER people's photos?" 


Hiring a professional photo organizer is a new concept. 10-15 years ago when we were all investing in our first digital cameras, most people wouldn't have even thought of hiring someone to help them organize their photos. As with most things, times have changed and many people are at that point in their photo worlds where they are overwhelmed with...

  • the technology...our phones are blowing up, we have photos on multiple devices, there are too many online and software options to know which choice is the "right" one and we are scared to death that a hard drive is going to fail and we are going to lose it all

  • the boxes...both inherited and accumulated, have multiplied. We want to simplify. We don't want the bulk, but we want to preserve the important memories

  • our busy lives...time is precious

So to answer the question...we all have similar themes in our lives (family, friends, holidays, travel, etc.) and if you ask the right questions and have a good process, not only can I organize other people's photos, but I get to provide peace of mind (making sure your photos are safe) and help families build relationships by sharing memories and telling stories that have been buried for years.


Here is how the process works...

  • we have a 30 minute phone chat. My 1st question...'tell me about your photos'

  • I send you a 'to do' list...nothing hard. Mostly involves gathering and taking inventory of your memory collection

  • we meet for our first half day session. During the first part of the session, we get serious about getting to know each other, your family, your photos and your photo goals. After this discussion, I have enough information to create a Photo Organization Plan, which I create right after this session and send to you. The next part...we get started on whatever project we decide gets top priority. This may include starting to tackle your digital collection or getting the sorting process started for your printed photos, aka 'the boxes'. At the end of this first session, I provide a recommendation on next steps.

  • the next sessions are completely custom to your project based on the plan we've established. I believe strongly in finding the solution that works for your life and your family. Some sessions we will work together, while others I am off working on your collection.

The value that a photo organizing professional can provide is not unlike a lot of people you hire:

  • the knowledge and expertise. I can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to get a project done because of both my technical knowledge and the efficiency of the processes that I use. I have invested many hours in training and hold a professional photo organizing certification. I am an active member of the only Association of Personal Photo Organizers in the country and regularly interact with other industry professionals internationally learning about the latest products and industry trends.

  • the tools. I have invested significantly in computers, software, scanners and other tools that were created specifically to help you organize, preserve and share your photos.

  • the passion. I do this job because I LOVE touching hearts and I get to do that every. single. day.

What keeps you from tackling your photo projects?