My story started with a digital mess

People often ask me how I got into the photo organizing business. My story started like a lot of photo stories...with a digital mess.

We bought our 1st digital camera in 2005, right before a trip to Ireland with my husband's family

We bought our 1st digital camera in 2005, right before a trip to Ireland with my husband's family

Back in the day, when we got our first digital camera, my husband took on the role of family digital photo organizer, which meant that he downloaded our pics onto the computer (usually to wherever they landed). Now I love my husband, but seriously, we have SO many different ideas about what organization looks like. Finding our pictures after they were downloaded was a bit of a treasure hunt. We struggled through it for a few years (yep, took me a while), but eventually, I couldn't take it. It was time to find a better solution.

Long story short, I found and fell in love with some digital software that helped me organize and share our photos, and the they history. With a nudge from a friend, I soon found myself in the photo business. After a few years and lots of training, I found that while I loved working with my DIY friends, my heart found a bunch of people that needed something different. They needed more than just products. They needed hands-on help and Capture Your Photos was born.

CYP was born because my digital mess needed saving. For me at that time, "saving" meant having an organized system, a hub, for all of our photos to live in. To some, it means ensuring that their very favorite pics, maybe their family heritage photos, are preserved in an album and scanned. To others, it means ensuring that they have backup systems in place, in case a computer or phone dies, or mother nature strikes.

What does saving your photos mean to you?

September is "Save Your Photos" month and I am committed to educating and reaching out to as many people as I can to help find solutions. If you are a DIYer, go NOW to and sign up for 30 days of photo organizing tips. If you need that hands-on help, I would love to help you, or you can reach out to a photo organizer in your area through

I can't even begin to count the ways that my, now fairly organized, digital mess has touched our family's hearts and lives. Don't wait to tackle yours. Your memories are worth saving!