"Your Storage is Full": managing your phone pics

I LOVE Summer. I love the warmth of the sun and thunderstorms. I love sitting on my front porch, drinking wine, chatting with my family and neighbors. I love water. I love my garden flowers and fresh vegetables from the local market.

Because of all of this love (love=pictures, of course), my phone camera is exploding right now. I get the “Your Storage is Full” message pretty much daily.

I regularly download my phone pics on my computer where they are backed up (I recommend Backblaze for backup), but for some reason, I have a hard time deleting them off of my phone.

So there are 2 things:
1.    Getting them downloaded and safe; and
2.    Having the discipline and courage to delete

Let’s start with #1. If you have never downloaded your pics from your phone. Do it NOW! People lose photos on their phone ALL THE TIME! Typically, the scenarios are either because your phone dies/malfunctions or something goes awry in the transfer process when you get a new phone. 

Unfortunately, I can’t give you one set of directions for downloading your photos from your phone, because we live in this crazy digital world of multiple platforms and technologies. If the stars are aligned, and you don’t have a wireless solution (which I highly recommend, e.g. Dropbox, iCloud, etc.), it is sometimes as easy as plugging your phone into your computer and following the prompts. CYP TIP: pay attention and write down where the computer is storing your photos after the upload, and change it if they aren’t going where you want them to go (I know, seems obvious, but sometimes we forget).

Here’s one common challenge/solution for PC users…if you plug in your device to your PC and you don’t get a prompt with a choice to import your photos, the cause might be that “Autoplay” is turned off on your computer. To turn “Autoplay” on….
•    Go to the Control Panel (how you do this depends on your version of Windows)
•    In the search box, type Autoplay, and then click Autoplay
•    To turn it on, select "use Autoplay for all media and devices"
•    Click Save
•    Plug in your device (phone, iPad, etc.) and if the technology is working as it should, the box will appear where you can select import photos

Now on to #2. It’s okay to delete photos. I’ll say it again…it’s okay to delete photos. I have to repeat this to myself often. I leave some of my favorites on my phone because I like to look at and share them on my phone, but the others can go…especially when they are already safe on our computers (waiting for us to do something fun and cool with them, of course!).

The key to solving this issue is pretty simple...schedule it. Set a date every week or 2 to download your pics and keep the date!

Getting it figured out the first time is the hardest step. From there, it’s a 10 minute or less process. Haven't started organizing yet? Organize forward friends! Happy Summer!