The wisdom of the Grinch: meaningful holiday gift ideas

Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.
- The Grinch

The holiday season is here.

My favorite things to give for Christmas typically don't come from your average store. My favorite gifts have 2, they come from the heart, and two, they give me an opportunity to build relationships with the people I love.

For example, a converted videotape gives me the opportunity to plan a Family Movie Night to hang out with my family. A state photo collage of my mom's family when she was growing up, gives me the opportunity to help her remember those that she loves in a place that is close to her heart.

Photos and videos do that. They give us the opportunity to connect and build relationships.

Here are my favorites for the holidays this year...

Corbid 12x12 MN.jpg

1. State Photo Collage - select any U.S. State and 1-6 photos, old or new.

2. The Story of Us album - The Story of Us is a memory book designed to capture a snapshot of your family in photos and memories. This is especially meaningful to families with aging parents and a great opportunity for the "kids" to learn about and share their family stories.

Story of Us Sample - Page 001.jpg

3. Legacy Box - a collection of archival photo boxes designed to organize and archive your printed photos and memorabilia.

4. Scanning - the best way to preserve your favorite and most cherished printed photos is to digitize them...AND share them!

5. Kid's Artwork Gallery Print - you provide photos or scans of a child's artwork and we put it into a beautiful gallery print format.

6. Life is a Journey Album - an amazing way to show your child how much you love them

7. Transferred memories - transferring your old memories from VCR tapes, film reels and slides to dvd/digital is not only the best way to preserve them, but gives you an opportunity to reconnect with the people and the memories.

8. Slideshows - a beautiful way to share and enjoy family memories, whether they be amazing heritage photos or a 2016 recap. Watching these memories glue!

9. Gift Certificates for any of the above - Sometimes it's hard to do projects like these on your own. There is so much joy in the process as you select the photos and relive the memories. The stories that come out...priceless!

Wishing you 'more' this holiday season!