Dustin' off the digital frame

Confessions of a photo organizer...I haven't changed the pictures in my digital photo frame since I got it, which was several years ago. In fact, until recently, we hadn't even turned it on in a really long time. So when we put up our Christmas tree and the digital frame happened to be plugged into the same light switch socket as the Christmas tree, it was kind of fun that these old photos came on with the tree lights.

I really loved the old pics that were on it, but 'tis the season, right?! Because I'm a big fan of organizing photos by topic and not just date, I decided to randomly (seriously random) select some of our old photos from Christmas' past (Christmas tag in my digital photo organizing system) and load them into the digital frame. These are some seriously precious family photos. I can't wait for my family to notice. Stories will be told and beautiful memories will be recalled. Ahhh, the magic of Christmas.