Shake it off...lose the photo guilt


So we may be a little tired of the song, but she's got a point.'s not uncommon for me to run into someone and have them apologize and start making excuses about THEIR photos. Maybe it was a client who bought the supplies and didn't do anything with them (familiar yet?) or a client that started on a project with me, but didn't get back to it because life happened.

Shake it off folks. These are YOUR memories and as much as I want you to have them, only YOU can decide when you are ready to tackle it. And you will (and be glad you did).

We spend FAR too much time feeling guilty for our past photo sins. My recommendation...refocus that energy to start small and manageable. Start from the present and move forward (going backwards as time and energy allows) or start with ONE project that you've been dying to do. The reason the task of organizing our photos is so overwhelming is because we feel like we have to tackle all 20 years of backlog at once. It's pretty simple, we don't.

Have a success...relish it...enjoy it...share it...then make a plan for the next phase or project. And the guilt over the rest...shake it off!

January is organization month. Let me know how I can help!