organization and scanning


We help people get their digital and printed photos organized, and processes set-up for them to stay that way!  This includes...

  • getting digital photos off computers, phones, cameras, etc. and into an organized, safe place that is backed up;
  • getting printed photos out of drawers, developer envelopes and clear plastic boxes, sorted, and into photo-safe locations/solutions; and,
  • scanning to help you preserve and share your photos.

We provide in-home consultations and organizing packages at all levels to meet your needs.

how it works

We start with a free 30 minute consultation to talk about your goals. From there, we develop a plan, which may include one of our organization packages or a custom package designed specifically for your needs.


Photo organization packages

In addition to these organizational packages, custom-designed packages are also available based on your photo organization needs.

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Scanning services

We provide premium scanning services, which includes attention to each individual image. All photos and memorabilia (up to legal size 8.5x14) are scanned locally at 600 dpi (that's high!). Additional editing, color adjustments and cropping beyond basic enhancement can be requested as an additional hourly service.

You will receive your original back, along with a .jpg file on your media of choice (CD/DVD, flashdrive, external hard drive, cloud). Additional copies for family and friends are available for an additional cost. 

Photo albums, size 12x12 to 14x14, negatives and slides are sent offsite and digitized by our partner, Legacy Republic. For more information, check out the Media Transfers page.

15% discount on scanning  for clients using organizing or album design services. Minimum charge of $15 for stand alone scanning projects.


Organizational TOOLS to help you

For printed photo organizing...

The Legacy Box Collection

The Legacy Box Collection is a series of exclusive products designed to organize and archive your printed photos and memorabilia.  For details or to purchase a Legacy Box, please hop over to the products and partners page.


For digital photo organizing...

Mylio is one of our favorite digital photo management systems. For more information or help in determining the digital solution that is right for you, contact us for a free consultation.

Here is a short video to learn more about mylio. To try mylio, go here.

To receive 20% off your purchase of mylio, use the coupon code 'hollycorbid' at checkout.


To digitize your own photo collection...

The Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner is a personal scanner ready to use straight out of the box. For more information or for details on how to purchase, jump on over to the products and partners page.