organization and scanning


We help people get their digital and printed photos organized, and processes set-up for them to stay that way!  This includes...

  • getting digital photos off computers, phones, cameras, external hard drives, old computers, flashdrives, dvd/cds, etc. and into an organized, safe place that is backed up. We work with both PCs and Macs;

  • getting printed photos out of drawers, developer envelopes and clear plastic boxes sorted, and into photo-safe locations; and,

  • scanning to help you preserve and share your photos.

We provide in-home, remote and offsite services in half-day sessions. We work with clients on both Macs and PCs.

how it works

We start with a phone consultation to get to know each other and a little bit about your memories. From there, we schedule our first session, develop a customized plan that considers your entire collection (including your printed photos, digital photos, old media, memorabilia, etc.) and get started.


Photo organization packages

We’ve learned that all photo projects are unique. These packages can help you get started.

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Please contact us with questions and pricing information.

Additional services and products can be added to all packages, including additional sessions and products to help us complete the project such as scanning, photo-safe storage, photo organizing software, etc.

Photo and Album Scanning services

We provide premium scanning services, which includes attention to each individual image. All photos, albums and memorabilia are scanned locally at 600 dpi. Basic color correction and enhancement, and basic file renaming (e.g. SmithScan.jpg) are included. Additional editing and color adjustments, keywording to allow you to search on your photos, and album disassembling and reassembling can be requested as an additional service.

You will receive your original back, along with a .jpg file on the media of your choice. Options include a flashdrive or cloud option (e.g. Dropbox). There is an additional $25 charge for flashdrives on orders less than 200 scans.

Ask us about additional copies for family and friends, as well as prints. Additional copies on flashdrives are $25/copy.

Minimum charge of $20 for stand alone scanning projects.

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Organizational TOOLS to help you

For printed photo organizing...



The Legacy Box Collection

The Legacy Box Collection is a series of exclusive products designed to organize and archive your printed photos and memorabilia.  For details or to purchase a Legacy Box, please hop over to the products and partners page.


For digital photo organizing...

There are several tools on the market that can be used to organize your digital photo collection. At Capture Your Photos, our goal is to help you find the solution that's right for you. For some, staying with the software that comes with their computer is the right solution...for others, an outside software is the right choice...and still for others, no software might be the solution. Be assured that we will listen and help you find the one that fits your needs.

Because we get are a few of our recommended software tools for photo organization. For help in determining the digital solution that is right for you, contact us.


Mylio is a photo organizational program that works on both your PC and your Mac. It's great for families that are "bilingual" (have both PCs and Macs) in their technology.

Here is a short video to learn more about mylio. To try mylio, go here.

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Forever Historian software helps you to organize, edit, share and preserve your treasured digital photos, video clips and audio files. Historian works with your PC. For more information, go here.



Apple Photos...If you are an all Apple family (Macs and iPhones), sometimes staying within the native structure of your system makes sense. CYP tip...make sure your settings are set up to maximize having that integrated tool.  Need help with that? Contact us!