I did it!

Have you ever put something off for a REALLY long time and finally you just do it?

For the past year, I'd been thinking and stressing about implementing this new tracking system. This past week, I installed it on my computer and started using it. Guess what? It literally took me under 2 hours to get it installed and import data into it. And guess what else? I chose to start with the free version, so it was FREE. And guess what else? I love it AND it's going to save me time EVERY DAY.

Jeesh! What the heck took me so long.

This was one of those goals that I recently wrote down and RECOMMITTED to. (see my most recent blog: #photogoals). What goals did you write down? Did you choose that ONE photo project that you were going to commit to? Is it organizing your digital mess, sorting through that box of old photos, transferring those precious memories from VCR to digital, or scanning those pics from when you were growing up?

Can I tell you how awesome it felt to check that system off my list? It was AH...mazing and WAY less painful than I thought it would be. Most things that we put off are.

I am ecstatic to share that I DID IT! And you can to. #photogoals baby!

Tip: If organizing is your goal and you are feeling overwhelmed, check out this blog on 'Organizing Forward'.