Happy Any Event!

Today is Valentine's Day, which is awesome, but it is one of those Hallmark holidays where you aren't quite sure how crazy you need to go on gifts. Because I'm me, I'm always thinking about something new I can do with pictures for pretty much any event...whether it be a holiday, someone's birthday, an anniversary, graduation, etc. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE photo gifts.

Whether it is homemade, like these that I made for my family for Valentine's Day, or ones created and printed by a professional, you can NEVER go wrong with photo gifts. My investment was minimal (used recycled jars, some pink & red paper, ribbon, & candy), but from my family's reaction, I think they appreciated that I made them from my heart. I used old pics of the kids that I loved from their toddler years, which are always fun, and I filled the jars with their favorite candy, which never hurts. You can do this project for any occasion, by changing up the color of the ribbon, the paper and the candy.

It only takes one memory-filled photo to make someone feel loved. Happy Any Event!