Make it fun

Here are some of my photo lovin' friends

Here are some of my photo lovin' friends

Now that we've "shaken off" the guilt of our past photo sins, it's time to start having some fun with our photos. One way to both get motivated and have fun, is to start a photo club.

Think book club, with photos...beverages, food, great company, beverages (did I say that twice?)

Mission:  Give you and your photo lovin' friends (because you WILL fall back in love with your photos if you hang out with them) some dedicated time (because sometimes it needs to be scheduled) to work on your photos, share ideas and celebrate your successes.

I am going to start a photo club this winter and this is who I am seeking...people who:

  • like to laugh
  • are interested in dedicating an evening 6x/year (every other month) to working on their photos
  • have photos that are begging to be organized, put in albums (digital, traditional scrapbooking, slide-ins, etc.), made into gifts, celebrated and/or loved
  • are willing to share their photos, awesome ideas and/or knowledge so we can learn from each other in this crazy digital world

I'm in. How about you?