There are so many ways to tell your story with are just a few pages of a few stories that we've partnered with our clients to tell.

To see the pages in each album, just click on the album cover.

an album celebrating a school activity

This album was a graduation gift celebrating Abbie's high school theatre career.  Mom had saved playbills, fan mail and of course pictures from each of her performances.  A keepsake Abbie will have for life.


a team album

This album celebrates a summer of ball and the friends that were made along the way.  It includes a page for each player, as well as pages for the coaches, fans, team time on and off the field, and pages to celebrate their successes at the state and national tournaments.  The last page summarized the season with a few stats and special memories.

a high school class reunion

This album was "commissioned" by a classmate for a 35th high school reunion.  She found senior pictures of all of her classmates, contacted them, and asked them to share photos and updates.  We included then and now pictures, along with more photos and memories.


a travel album

A gift from a daughter to her mother that chronicled the trip of a lifetime.  We took each day of the trip and included photos and scanned memorabilia from that day of travel.  On the last page, we included a list of special and fun memories from the trip so they wouldn't be forgotten. Given to her at Christmas, Mom proudly displayed the book on her coffee table so she could share it with her friends and family that came to visit.


a silent auction item for a school

I took pictures of all of the Kindergartners holding a sign that told us what they wanted to be when they grew up.  This could not have been cuter!  I can't wait to look back at this in 2026 when these kiddos graduate!

a sign-in album for a milestone birthday

This album was designed as a sign-in album for a birthday party.  Throughout the album, there is a ton of white space amongst the photos for the guests to write Dolores a birthday message.  My favorite part of this book is the quotes that were so lovingly selected by Dolores' daughter-in-law.  Not only will Dolores have a book of photos (both old and new), but beautiful messages from family and friends.


a sign-in album for a graduation open house

What better time to capture kind words and messages from friends and family than at graduation time, before your graduate heads out into the world.